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29. February 2016 blog 0

Hi there. You might know me and I might now know you. But there’s a chance that if you’ve reached this page you are somewhat interested in iOS development, Swift development or both. Let me introduce myself first.

I’m Roel, a 30-something iOS developer from The Netherlands. I work at funda, the largest real estate website in our country. Together with about a 100 colleagues (half of those are developers) we develop and maintain a website containing most of the for-sale and for-rent properties in The Netherlands.

Besides a website, we also have iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. We have a dedicated “mobile” team that maintains these apps and an API that supports it. This team is currently on a mission to rebuild our apps from the ground up with the latest technology, making use of the lessons we learned the last few years.

This blog will be a place for me to share some of the choices we make during this rebuild process and some of the technical challenges we face. These can range from simple snippets of code to posts on architecture and iOS development philosophy.

Let’s get going!

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