How To Communicate Hidden Gestures in Mobile Apps

09. January 2017 blog 0

Nick Babich wrote a nice article about different ways of teaching gestures to the users of your Apps. Communicating non-obvious usage of an application is always difficult and many times results in long, tutorial-style launchscreens in apps. Nick makes a good case for ditching these kinds of methods and instead educating your users on-the-fly with inline hints.

If you have to give your app an instruction manual, then you’re not doing a good job of communicating with your users because users cannot be expected to read a manual before using your app.

Read the full article here:

Simple animations with UIImageView

07. January 2017 blog 0

Our website has gotten a bit make-over the last few years. We started to focus more on the visual aspects of the site. One part of that is the use of illustrations. We wanted to give our new apps the same care and attention but sometimes it is not so easy to use branding or visuals on a relatively small screen. Nevertheless, we did some small things that make a big difference and might even make our users smile a bit. An example of this is the animation we added to indicate that you have reached the bottom of our result list.

For this animation we used a simple UIImageView with 4 separate image frames of a cyclist. The frames in this imageview are animated and the imageview itself is also animated from left to right. This results in a pretty decent animation that was made within an hour or so. Not a bad investment for a little fun!

Here’s the relevant code to animate the frames:

Download the complete Xcode playground here: AnimatedImageView.playground (42KB .zip file)