Tadaa! a design test library

07. January 2017 blog 0

“Tadaa” is a tiny library I built that allos you to quickly overlay a design over a UIViewController in an app. This allows you to check margins, colors and other UI aspects against the original design of the screen.

Check it out on my GitHub page

Using the Page Object Model for structured and readable UI tests

30. November 2016 blog 0

When we started rebuilding our apps, we decided to focus heavily on stability and testing. Our old app has quite a few crashes in it and we believe the only way to prevent such error-prone apps is to put a lot of emphasis on testing from the start. In Xcode 7 Apple gave developers the opportunity to easily write UI tests. These are tests that automatically run through the interface of your app to test specific screens or components.

Once we started writing these kinds of tests it became apparent that although the tools Apple gave us were very easy to use, they weren’t leading to nicely structured and easily readable tests. Take this simple 1-action test for example:

Looks simple enough right? The application opens up and we tap a button with the text “Search”. This would work well for a single test that has to tap this button. However if there are a lot of tests that use this button this hardcoded “Search” string becomes a problem. What if we decide to rename this button? All the tests would fail and we would have to spend some time to rename all the individual references to the “Search” button. It sure would be nice if there was only one reference to this button that our tests could use.